Are you a Project Superintendent seeking to elevate your quality of life and career? Join the Hackel Construction team! We offer the opportunity to travel during the week as well as advance in the company. Salary is competitive, up to $100,000 annually based on skill and experience, a company truck, per diem, health insurance stipend, clothing stipend, and leadership training. 

The position will concentrate on three main roles: 

  1. Plan, organize and direct scheduling of project materials and installation.

  2. Positively influence and motivate all members of the building process to achieve project goals. 

  3. Professionally communicate construction progress with project owners, suppliers, and subcontractors.

  4. Demonstrate leadership facilitation and learning through leadership training, 360 feedforward, and feedforward loops consistently


The ideal candidate will:

  • Understand the building process from start to finish.

  • Enjoy scheduling daily projects, tasks and materials needed on the job site.

  • Be detail oriented, organized and systematic.

  • Cultivate high emotional Intelligence to successfully navigate challenges. 

  • Provide vision, direction and communication for all individuals involved in the project.

  • Actively pursue learning and seek self-improvement personally and professionally.

  • Utilize technology and computer programs for specific job applications and project logging.

  • Participate in communication and emotional intelligence development areas to increase productivity, client rapport, and effectiveness


As a commercial, general contracting firm, Hackel Construction invests in their team and clients to create a fun, accountable culture and inspiring workmanship. Elevate your life and join the Hackel team!

Please visit our website: to learn more about our company and values. To apply, send a brief 1) cover letter that states your interest in our company, overview of expertise, something interesting about you and 2) your resume that includes: contact information, work experience, professional skills, technology skills, education, community engagement (volunteerism etc) and references to or mail/drop off at our office at 47407 808th Rd in Ord, NE 68862. Applications will be reviewed starting immediately with a rolling application process.