Business Outreach Coordinator (eCoach)

The Business Outreach Coordinator is a part-time position reporting to local entrepreneurship committees in Ord, Broken Bow and Valentine.  It has been developed from a federal Economic Development Administration grant to proactively respond to pandemic impacts in conjunction with UNL’s Entrepreneurial Community team (eCommunities) working alongside the Economic Development and Chamber staff in Valley, Custer and Cherry counties.  
The Coordinator (i.e. “eCoach”) leads a business outreach program that supports the wide business community. The coordinator will identify businesses impacted by COVID-19, conduct an interview/assessment to research their respective challenges/issues, and then assist the businesses by connecting them to the resources they need to resolve their challenges as they relate to business retention, expansion, or transition. 
This is a part-time, grant-funded and two-year position (ending mid-late 2023) with the purpose of assisting businesses financially impacted by the pandemic and in need of resource support to maintain continuity of business practices, system upgrades, employee training and/or financial stability.  We hope to assist at least 15 businesses or entrepreneurs in year one and 20 in year two with overall goal of creating jobs in the community. 

Responsibilities (during a typical 15-19.5 hour work week):

  • Develop confidential relationships with current owners and/or entrepreneurs and complete business owner needs assessments (i.e. Identify resources needed to meet the business' needs)
  • Individual planning, coaching and follow-up to check support/entrepreneur plan/strategy accountability.  Includes scheduling and client communication. 
  • Work with local Eship committee and regional resource partners to identify owner/entrepreneurs. 
  • Networking: Attend regional Entrepreneurial Community team meetings to share best practices and strengthen business resource network options with other teams. 
  • Training about financial resources for businesses (i.e. Pandemic grant/programs and other technical assistance programs); orientation with other resource partner strengths. 
  • Track and document assistance activity and results with participating businesses.  Document the businesses interview, connection to support resources, and results of the work team/organizational outreach. 
  • Complete an annual evaluation of the Entrepreneurial Communities process with Rural Action E-Community Coach and revise E-Teams' annual work plan based on findings. 

Education & Skills

  • A Bachelor’s degree with at least five years general business experience, including startup/small business.
  • Demonstrated experience business coaching; including facilitating of strategic and action plans 
  • Knowledge/understanding of with e-commerce strategies and software
  • Knowledge of email marketing software and associated analytics 
  • Knowledge of video and social media platforms for marketing purposes
  • Knowledge of supply chains systems, vendor relationships and inventory management 
  • Superior time management and organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Familiar with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and capable of creating visually compelling presentations
  • Comfort with adherence to business coaching ethics and best practices, including strict client/business confidentiality 
  • Exceptional communication and public speaking skills
  • Organizational and time management skills 
  • Uphold, support, and promote all company policies and procedures
Interested individuals should apply with:
Shawn Kaskie-
Extension Educator - Rural Prosperity Nebraska
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR)
Central NE, based out of Custer County
(308) 872-6831 (o)(308) 224-4213 (c)
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